notes for HWC Berlin 2017-03-08

At yesterday's HWC we talked a bit about the recently released W3C Annotation standards and annotations in general. The W3C standards have many ways of addressing content (“selectors”), many of which likely only work against a specific version of a document and site design. But there is a way to specify timestamps and link archived copies.

Examples of annotation UIs (not using the W3C standards (yet)): related Indieweb components:

Some discussion about (over-)sharing in social media, your own website, and a trend to move social media content to private channels.

Joel found the Indieweb wiki because he found while searching for a new OpenID provider, and joined us.

References from last time: Things randomly mentioned:
  • JSON Web Tokens as a standard way to create signed tokens with payloads, useful for e.g. authentication endpoints.