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In a recent post I used large <pre><code> blocks, and I'm not happy with how these look for long lines that overflow, and thus cause a scrollbar. On the other hand, I don't just want to force them to wrap, because that also looks confusing IMHO.

In a computer magazine I read often, they do put a small arrow at the end of lines that are force-wrapped to fit the page layout, to make it clear that it is just a visual wrap. I quite like that formatting, but replicating it on the web seems to be complicated. This page has the best implementation I've seen yet, but a) requires wrapping each line in a <div> and b) puts it at the end of the container, not right behind the wrapping point. The first would be ok, I could add processing to the site code to automatically add those, the second I need to investigate if it can be changed or not.

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One factor is reliability and stability of the TLD you choose for a long-term identity. E.g. plenty of the new gTLDs have had pretty bad price jumps, some TLDs don't have as good support and technical backing. .com/.org/... and large country-TLDs tend be better in those regards.
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